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Print Posted on 08/01/2017 in Dispensaries

NYS Adds Five More Dispenaries

NYS Adds Five More Dispenaries

ALBANY -- Five companies were authorized on August 1st to manufacture and dispense medical marijuana in New York State.  That brings to 10 the total of companies that can provide the drug to patients who have specific qualifying conditions.

The move by the state Health Department was long expected as the agency tries to expand the program amid criticism that it is too restrictive.  Another expansion of the program was allowing for the list of medical marijuana doctors to be published by the NYS Department of Health.

The five companies will grow and process medical marijuana across upstate New York and add another 20 dispensaries, including in areas that do not currently have outlets for patients.

A year ago, the Health Department first recommended it double the number of medical marijuana growers as a way to reach more patients. Dr MedMar.com recently reported that four of the existing five currently licensed dispensaries were suing the DOH over their plan to add more.  

The state has rejected the complaints and is now moving forward with the expansion.

The five companies to get the licenses are: Citiva Medical; Fiorello Pharmaceuticals; New York Canna; PalliaTech NY and Valley Agriceuticals.

They were the second five on the list after the state picked five companies to launch the program in January 2016: MedMen, formerly known as Bloomfield Industries; Columbia Care; Etain; PharmaCann; and Vireo Health of New York.

The original five companies were reauthorized to continue to operate in New York for two years.

The number of certified patients has grown 72 percent since March when chronic pain was added to the list of conditions eligible for medical marijuana, the Health Department said.

Under New York's program, only non-smokeable forms of the drug are permitted.

Currently, the five manufacturing facilities are in Queens; Monroe County; Fulton County near Amsterdam; Warren County in the North Country; and Orange County in the Hudson Valley.

Dispensing sites include locations in Yonkers and White Plains in Westchester County, Rochester and Johnson City near Binghamton.

Citiva Medical will manufacture in Orange County and have dispensing facilities in Dutchess and Chemung counties, as well as in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals will manufacture in Schenectady County and have dispensing facilities in Monroe, Saratoga and Nassau counties, as well as in Manhattan.

New York Canna will grow the medical marijuana in Onondaga County and have dispensing facilities in Erie, Orange, Queens and Suffolk counties.

PalliaTech NY will manufacture in Ulster County and have dispensing facilities in Nassau, Orange, Queens, and Clinton counties.

Valley Agriceuticals will manufacture in Orange County and have dispensing facilities in Oneida, Suffolk, and Dutchess counties, as well as Brooklyn.

The Health Department has sought to expand the program by adding to those who can prescribe it and the type of patients that can get the drug.

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